Agomoni joins fight against COVID-19

Dear Agomoni Members, Hope all of you are doing well! As the world struggles with the unprecedented COVID 19 pandemic, everyone who is privileged with a relatively sound condition (both economically and health-wise) is trying to pitch in and help those who need it. At Agomoni, well being of our members is of supreme consideration! We are creating a small group of volunteers who are able and willing to help the community with activities such as doing grocery/pharmacy runs for members who are unable to do so. We are also partnering with the City of San Ramon so that Agomoni volunteers can be added to the city’s list of volunteers. If you are interested to volunteer (either only for Agomoni members, or for the city of San Ramon or both), please fill out the consent form and give us your contact number:
 This is entirely a volunteer activity and you must be of sound health to join. Agomoni does not take responsibility of any exposure to COVID 19 as a result of your visit to grocery/pharmacy. If you are a member who is a senior citizen, and/or not feeling well, please call 925 452 7041. We will then connect you with one of our volunteers near you. You can then figure out the payment logistics (paypal, venmo, bank transfer etc.) for your grocery/medicines one on one with the volunteer. Our volunteer will get the shopping list from you and drop the grocery at your door. Here are a few links that will give you detailed safety guidelines and other relevant information: Please use the phone number shared above responsibly. If you have questions, please send us an email at [email protected]. Let’s all fight this virus TOGETHER! Regards,Team Agomoni

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