Who We Are


What do we do?


Our Mission Statement

We organize a variety of events that benefit the community, celebrate our diverse culture and provide a platform for performing arts. From organizing food drives, helping out at the senior center, cleaning up the local parks to something as simple as planning a fun hike in the neighborhood, we are committed to the well being of one and all.

We are a Tri-valley based philanthropic organization celebrating Indian culture in the bay area. We are committed to bringing people together, giving them a reason to smile and have fun together through organizing charitable causes and community events that promote peace, harmony, and well-being.


Why Agomoni?

Bay Area Tri-valley has been our ‘home away from home’. Vibrant and diverse, it has truly been a ‘melting pot ‘ of people from a variety of race, culture, and religion. The desire to give back to this wonderful community is the driving force that got us together. Learning to give, to accept differences, to work together as one for a better community are lessons the world could do with today. And these are the guiding principles behind Agomoni.


Our Team

Shouvik Ray President

Kaberi Goswami Board Member-at-Large

Rajib Bhakt Board Member-at-Large

Sourav Saha  Treasurer

Tania Bhattacharya Board Secretary

Pat Dutta Vice President