Agomoni partners with Meals on Wheels

We are living in turbulent times, and life as we knew it, is a distant reality. We are all impacted in various ways by this health crisis, but probably the people that are impacted the most, are the elderly. They are living in fear and loneliness, cut off from caregivers and visitors. As you know, lots of our seniors are homebound and cannot cook for themselves due to health or monetary issues. The only ray of hope for them are local charitable organizations like Meals on Wheels which provides healthy meals to them.

Agomoni, as a socio-cultural and philanthropic organization is now partnering with Meals on Wheels and would like to reach out to everyone in the community to raise money which in turn helps provide meals to more people at this time of need. Please send your donations for this great cause to Agomoni by 26th April 2020 and Agomoni will match a portion of your donations. 

You can send your donations by PayPal or Google Pay to [email protected].  

Please mark your donation “Donation to Meals on Wheels COVID-19” while sending.

Meals on wheels is urgently looking for volunteers for their program. If you are interested in volunteering for this noble cause, you can do so using the volunteer sign up link below:

(Please mention Agomoni’s name in the group affiliation box.) 

Your help will go a long way not only to support people in need but further extend our charitable work to our local community. Let us make our community stronger by donating to this noble cause. As we have stood united many times before to help our local community in times of need, let’s come together to do the same once again! 

We would also like to remind you that Agomoni has created a small group of volunteers who are able and willing to do grocery/pharmacy runs for members who are unable to do so. We are also partnering with the City of Ramon so that Agomoni volunteers can be added to the city’s list of volunteers.

 If you are a member who is a senior citizen, and/or not feeling well, please call 925 452 7041. We will then connect you to Agomoni volunteers near you.

Stay safe.

Team Agomoni

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