Frequently Asked Questions related to 2021 Durga Puja

Agomoni Durga Puja 2021 will be conducted following all CDC Guidelines, Contra Costa County health directives and San Ramon City rules. As the guidelines are regularly updated, we have put together these FAQs for all attendees including dignitaries & members.


While Agomoni is doing everything possible to ensure your safety by adhering to CDC’s health guidelines, we strongly recommend everyone to consider health risks for you and your family before deciding to join in-person. Agomoni will not be responsible for any health consequences if you chose to attend the event in-person.

Please refer to “Agomoni Durga Puja 2021 Health Guidelines” for all details.

The main events like Puja, Cultural Program, Pushpanjali, Sindoor Daan etc. will be hosted in an open outdoor setting at San Ramon Central Park. Member’s will have the facility to dine inside a banquet hall, depending on seat availability on Friday & Saturday evenings.

This year Puja & Cultural program will be hosted in an outdoor setting and open to all.

Please visit our website (www.agomoni.org) to get detailed schedule about Puja, Cultural Program & Food (for members only).

This year’s (2021-2022) membership deadline has already expired on 3rd Oct 2021. Very limited number of on-spot membership will be offered on first-cum-first-served at the event registration booth.

There will be marked restricted areas & services which are only accessible to members with full vaccination proof or a negative RT-PCR test result from a healthcare provider / service within last 72 hours of the event. Details are available in the “Event Health Guidelines” and should be reviewed by all attendees prior visiting the event.

All dignitaries, vendors & members are requested to bring in their valid-id card with full vaccination proof, to pick up their wristbands at the registration booth. Full Vaccination proof is mandatory for all stall vendors and volunteers working on site.

No vaccination proof will be required for non-members; however, we request everyone to follow the instructions as mentioned in the “Event Health Guidelines”.

Fully Vaccinated means, 2 weeks after 2nd dose for a 2-dose vaccine, or 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine. Alternatively, you can also show a negative RT-PCR test result from a healthcare provider / service within last 72 hours of the event. At-home test results are not acceptable.

There are plenty of parking area (approx. 350+) available at the venue. Overflow parking (approx. 100+) is also available at Iron Horse Middle School Parking lot area (near Alcosta Blvd).

Mandatory requirements are valid for all volunteers and stall vendors. They MUST show their valid photo-id with full vaccination proof (or a negative RT-PCR test result from a healthcare provider / service within last 72 hours of the event), at the registration booth to pick up their wristband and badges, as necessary.

Members are also requested to follow the same to avail all services available during the event

Acceptable Photo-Ids are those issued by government like Passport, Driver’s License, State-Id, and ones issued by educational institutions like Student-Id card

For vaccination proof, both CDC-issued Card and Digital QR Code (issued from https://myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov/)  will be accepted

Designated colored wristbands (one per member) will be issued at the registration booth, based on your valid photo-id and proof of full vaccination (or a negative test result from a healthcare provider/service within last 72 hours of the event). Same wristband should be used for the entire 3-days of the event to avail all available services.

Designated colored wristband will indicate vaccination status of any member. Hence you do not need to carry the vaccination proof throughout the event.

We are completely aware that COVID-19 vaccination is not yet available for kids between 2 to 11years. Those kids will receive special colored wristband, which will allow them to avail all services with their parents (who can provide full vaccination proof for themselves).

This year we will be issuing membership wristbands based on vaccination status of each individual. Hence every member MUST be present with the valid photo-id & full vaccination proof to pick up their wristband which will allow them to avail all services available at the venue. Member(s) who will not be present in-person, will receive the band demarcated as “full vaccination proof not shown” category.

If a wristband gets damaged, you MUST bring that damaged wristband to the registration booth and need to follow the same procedure as before to issue a replacement band.

Even though we are hosting this event in an outdoor setting, we recommend all attendees and visitors should maintain social distance while staying within your social bubble and wear facemasks as precautions.

We will provide flowers to all devotees for the Pushpanjali. However, if you want, you can bring your own flower for the Pushpanjali.

Everyone (both members & non-members) can offer Pushpanjali at scheduled times as mentioned on our website. However, members with full vaccination proof will be able to access restricted area during this service. Member kids below 12yrs can accompany their fully vaccinated parents into this restricted area.

Spaces beyond this restricted area will be available for all non-members and members (who are unable to show their full vaccination proof) to offer Pushpanjali at the same time.

All attendees (both member & non-member) MUST wear facemasks while offering Pushpanjali.

Sindoor Daan ceremony will be restricted only to members who will show their valid photo-id and full vaccination proof (or a negative RT-PCR test result from a healthcare provider / service within last 72 hours of the event).

Not available for non-members and members who will not be able to show their full vaccination status.

As a precautionary measure against COVID 19, Sindoor Khela event is strictly prohibited for this year at the venue site, and not allowed within your social bubble also.

“Bhog” will be available for members only. There will not be any provision for non-members to purchase it at the venue.

We will provide bottled water to our members while serving lunch and dinner as per schedule mentioned on our website. Otherwise, bottled water will be available for purchase from food vendor stalls.


Pick up service for food (to be served in boxes) will be available to our members for Friday (Dinner), Saturday (Lunch) & Sunday (Lunch).

Saturday dinner will be served on plates (as food boxes are too small to accommodate all ), hence every member needs to be present in-person to cherish all delicacies.

There will be food, and non-food vendor stalls available at the event.

San Ramon Central Park has enough disability ramps to provide access to the park ground.

Like last year, we will live stream the Durga Puja rituals. Please refer to our website for the details.