Health & Vaccination Guidelines related to COVID 19

As per Contra Costa County & San Ramon City’s Health Guidelines we need to implement some rules & restriction to be followed at the venue during Durga Puja celebration from 8th to 10th Oct, 2021


While Agomoni is doing everything possible to ensure your safety by adhering to CDC’s health guidelines, we strongly recommend everyone to consider health risks for you and your family before deciding to join in-person. Agomoni will not be responsible for any health consequences if you chose to attend the event in-person.

Conditions for Attendance:

  1. First & foremost, anyone at the age of 12-years and older and have not been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 due to medical, religious or any other reasons, we strongly discourage that person from visiting our Puja venue during those days of event.
  2. For people with medical conditions or disabilities who cannot wear a facemask, we strongly recommend staying away from the venue during these event days.
  3. Even if you are fully vaccinated, please quarantine yourself and restrain from visiting the Puja venue, if your answer is “yes” to any of the following conditions:
    • You have experienced a fever of 100.4ºF or greater in the past 10 days
    • You have received a positive result from a COVID-19 test within the past 14 days
    • You have been in contact with anyone while they had COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days
    • You have experienced any of these symptoms that are not attributed to another health condition: cough, loss of smell or taste, runny nose, shortness of breath, or a sore throat, in past 14 days
    • You have or someone from your family member (staying with you) have been in contact with, traveled outside your state/province/country or to an area with restrictions due to COVID-19, in past 14 days

Face Mask Mandated Areas & Events (applicable for all at age 2Y and older)

  1. Everyone MUST wear facemask when you will be visiting or in vicinity of Puja Tent and any event stalls & booths.
  2. All attendees & visitors at the venue MUST have their facemask in all indoor public settings, which includes
    • Puja Tent
    • Event Stalls & Booths
    • Community Center facility
    • Restrooms
  3. All attendees MUST wear facemasks for following events:
    • Pushpanjali on Saturday (10/9) & Sunday (10/10)
    • Sindoor Daan on Sunday (10/10)
  4. All attendees MUST wear facemasks while standing in the queue for Lunch & Dinner.
  5. All volunteers & technicians who are helping the performers at the cultural stage and green room area, MUST wear facemasks.
  6. Face-shields can be worn along with facemask but cannot be used as a substitute for facemasks.
  7. Performers on the cultural stage & the people having food at indoor dining area, are exempted from facemask mandates.

Expected behavior related to facemask & social distancing:

  1. As we are expecting very large crowd in these event days, we recommend all attendees and visitors should maintain social distance and wear facemasks even in outdoor areas.

Notification related to Restricted Areas & Services

  1. In outdoor settings, there will be marked restricted areas at the venue where only members with full vaccination proof will be admitted.
  2. Following event(s) will be available to fully vaccinated members only
    • Sindoor Daan (on 10/10/2021 Sunday)
  3. Lunch & Dinner will be served to members only as per schedule.
  4. Sindoor Khela event is strictly prohibited for this year at the venue site, and not allowed within your social bubble also. This is applicable for everyone (both members & non-members)

Additional Guidelines for Dignitaries, Vendors, Members & Volunteers

COVID 19 Vaccination Proof and service access information:

  1. All volunteers & vendors MUST be fully vaccinated* or have a negative test result from a healthcare provider / service within last 72-hours of the event. At-home test results are not acceptable.
  2. All dignitaries, event stall vendors and members including volunteers must pick up their colored wrist band at the registration desk.
    • Colored wrist band identifies “COVID 19 Vaccination” status, which will be referred to access specific services & restricted areas throughout the event.
    • For full-vaccination proof, everyone MUST show their valid photo ID and full vaccination proof (or negative COVID test result done in the last 72 hours).
    • For vaccination proof, both CDC-issued Card and Digital QR Code (issued from will be accepted.
    • Acceptable Photo-Ids are those issued by government like Passport, Driver’s License, State-Id and ones issued by educational institutions like Student-Id card.
    • Colored wristband will also be issued to members, even for the cases when vaccination proof is not available or not shown for any specific reason.
    • Kids between 2 to 11years will receive special colored wristband, which will allow them to avail all services with their parents (who can provide full vaccination proof for themselves).
    • Volunteers should pick up their badges from the registration booth along with their wristbands.
  3. Wristbands (with & without full vaccination proof) are required for the members to avail their lunch & dinner to be served by Agomoni, as per schedule.
  4. In outdoor settings, there will be marked restricted areas at the venue where only members with full vaccination proof will be admitted.
    • Members who are above 12, but either not vaccinated, or not able to show the proof of vaccination will not be allowed to enter these restricted areas.
  5. Fully Vaccinated members & dignitaries, will be allowed to avail indoor dining facility, based on availability.
  6. If you are unable to come in person at the registration booth and need someone else to pick up the wristbands on your behalf, we will only issue a band demarcated for “full vaccination proof not shown” category.
  7. Single band should be used for the entire 3-days of the event and must be worn throughout the duration of the event.
  8. If a wristband gets damaged, you MUST bring that damaged wristband to the registration booth and need to follow the same procedure as before to issue a replacement band.


Fully Vaccinated means, 2 weeks after 2nd dose for a 2-dose vaccine, or 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine.