Donation Match

Amplify your donation

For any correspondence on this topic please contact Agomoni Fund-Raising Lead [email protected] or at (415) 963-1059

Most medium to large employers have a philanthropic budget set aside each year to match their employee donation for charitable causes.

There are 2 (two) ways you can match your donation through your employer. Please check in with your employer’s Human Resource or Philanthropy / Corporate Giving unit, as applicable, to confirm your donations options from below:

Option 1 (Our preferred method):

  1. Make your donation to Agomoni directly, based on your preferred method (Zelle / Check / PayPal)
  2. Notify us at the email-id provided above, to avail this facility from your current employer to match your donation.
  3. On receipt of your payment, Agomoni will issue you a receipt for the same.
  4. Then you will upload that receipt to your company’s philanthropy portal for further processing.

Option 2 (Alternate option):

  1. Use this option, only if, Option 1 is not supported by your employer.
  2. Submit your donation to Agomoni using your employer’s philanthropy portal.
  3. Your employer will send your contribution along with a matching donation to Agomoni, via a third party charitable-donation management organization like Benevity.
  4. Notify us at the communication email provided above, that you have opted for this payment “option 2” with the necessary details so that we can confirm you back on receipt of that donation.


Most companies support either one or both the options.

In case your company supports only Option 2, then do not pay to Agomoni directly, but send in your donation through your company instead, as mentioned above.