Durga Puja Cultural Program

Dear Agomoni Members,
We are excited to announce that we are celebrating Durga Puja this year On-site and online:
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Team Agomoni

Hourly Schedule

Friday, October 8, 2021

8pm - 8:15pm
Agomoni 5th Year Grand Opening Ceremony
This is the beginning !! Agomoni Board members welcome you all and officially kick off the three-day cultural program for Durga Puja 2021. While providing some specific organizational updates, Agomoni Board members will welcome one of our esteemed guests on stage to come and say a few words.
8:15pm - 10pm
Agomoni 5th Year Grand Opening Ceremony
"The Vibes" will set the tone for the evening. A short & sweet presentation of pure hindusthani classical music fused with Western Rock, by Saptarshi Mukherjee. This is to be followed by "Amar Shohor" - a grand gala presentation conceptualized by Manasi Bhattacharya. Enjoy your evening with a nostalgic representation of what West Bengal, specifically Kolkata means for us, Bengalis. Rabindra Sangeet, Dance and other visual art forms, Skit, Theater, Recitation & Literary Artwork, Cinema, Food and Football (soccer), Bangla Band - you name it, you get it. Get ready to end the rocking show with a spectacular Usha Uthup hit.<br><br><I>Performers: Adrish Sanayasi - Ahana Mukherjee - Ambarish Bagchi - Anita Banerjee - Anushree Chanda - Aparna Mukherjee - Audrija Sain - Ayush Banerjee - Gita Dutta - Iha Gadiya - Ipsita Chatterjee - Jaya Bhakat - Joyee Majumdar - Mahasweta Ganguly - Mahika Arya - Malini Chatterjee - Manas Goswami - Manasi Bhattacharya - Manoj Chavan - Mihika Chavan - Monalisa Ray - Namrata Dey - Pallab Sen - Pathikrit Dutta - Pradosh Sarkar - Prantik Chakraborty - Rajeev Bhattacharya - Rajib Bhakat - Romy Chakraborty - Rupa Das - Samira Sinha - Saptarshi Mukherjee - Saumitra Chattopadhyay - Sayantanee Dutt - Shreya Maiti - Shyamal Roy - Sobhan Das - Soujanya Neogy - Srushti Talluri - Subrat Adhikari - Sudeep Banerjee - Sujoy Chakraborty - Sushanta Chakraborty - Sutapa Bhattacharya - Tania Bhattacharya - Taniya Jain - Ujjal Banerjee</I>

Saturday, October 9, 2021

2pm - 3pm
Variety Cultural Program
Indulge your creative side. Saturday afternoon is filled with a variety of presentations by over 35 Agomoni members - the little ones to the grown ups. People with various talents have worked very hard to present you with a series of programs that will make your day. Cheer them up as they present you with their respective talents - Dance, Recitations, instrumentals - anything and everything.<br><br><I>Performers, in the order of appearance, are: Swagata Dutta Choudhury - Sumanta Bhadra - Syd Sinha - Souhardya Palit - Evani Snyder and Tania Chakrabarty - Ved Bhattacharya, Anoushka Sarkar, Aishani Bandopadhyay, Ishani Ghata, directed by Madhumita Bandyopadhyay - Shrestha Goswami - Anusha Majumdar</i>
3pm - 4pm
Variety Cultural Program
Variety Cultural Program (Continues)<br><br><I>Performers, in the order of appearance, are: Swagata Dutta Choudhury & Portia Banerjee - Anindya Ghosh - Manjima Sarkar - Ahaan Mukherjee - Abhigyan (Neil) Sarkar and Rishi Dutta - Raunak Chakraborty - Aparoop Chakraborty - Medha and Richa Bhattacharya</I>
4pm - 5pm
Variety Cultural Program
Variety Cultural Program (Continues)<br><br><I>Performers, in the order of appearance, are: Ayush Talapatra and Anupam Talapatra - Saptarshi Mukherjee - Sahanna Khatore - Mahaswata Ganguly - Shriya Ray and Sreyan Biswas - Debjani Roy Biswas</I>
5pm - 5:20pm
Pragya Dasgupta presents a mesmerizing performance of Kathak, a pure classical dance recital based on Lucknow gharana style consisting of Nritya and Nritta - something that perfectly matched the ambience.
5:25pm - 5:55pm
Bong Connection
To transition you from day into twilight, our own Bong Connection Band is ready to present their vibrant program "Ekusher Safar". We are going to see, rather hear, something different from Bong Connection this year. Be a part of that.<br><br><I>Performers: Manas Goswami - Prantik Chakraborty - Shreya Maiti - Sushanta Chakraborty</I>
5:55pm - 6pm
Donor Appreciation
We wholeheartedly thank all our sponsors - without their support, we couldn't have pulled this through. However, there are some donors whose names don't appear on Souvenirs, you won't see a banner for them. We would use this opportunity to thank these 'silent donors' whose support is equally helpful. Tania, on behalf of Agomoni, brings this section to us.
6pm - 7pm
Shondhya Aarati
What else can go with Twilight? What best can fit other than the beats of "dhaak" and "knaashor" and "dhunuchi naach" during shondhya aarati to Ma Durga? Please join us - dance with us on the rhythm of "dhyang-kur-kur-nakku-nakur". Shuvra has something planned for you so it becomes easier to follow the steps.<br><br><I>Performers: Mistuni Ghosh - Satarupa Chakrabarty - Pradosh Sarkar - Arindam Chakraborty - And all of us</I>
7pm - 8:30pm
Tasher Desh
A spectacular dance drama by Rabindranath Tagore - Tasher Desh (or, the Land of Cards) will be hosted by Agomoni members, choreographed by Shatoparba Banerjee and directed by Sayantika Banerjee. 25 dancers, 8 singers and 11 drama-specialists -- this presentation of Tasher Desh is a culmination of efforts organically grown from within Agomoni. Experience it.<br><br><I>Performers: Ahaan Mukherjee - Arnesh Chanda - Bidisha Saha - Jyotsna Ghosh - Madhuwanti Bhattacharya - Malini Chatterjee - Medha Chandra - Mihika Chavan - Mihika Saha - Moulina Chakraborty - Neerajana Chakraborty - Pramit Sen - Ronav Mandal - Rumi Varma - Rupsaa Goswami - Sanjna Banerjee - Shanaya Mazumder - Sharmistha Modak - Shatoparba Banerjee - Souhardya Palit - Soujanya Neogy - Srishti Mazumder - Sutapa Bhattacharya</I>
8:30pm - 10pm
Cine Magic
As the name suggests, this is about tinseltown. This is the epitome of extravaganza. Directed by Shuvra Ray, this dazzling performance will showcase the Bengali Film Fraternity that has not just held their feet strong in Bengali cinema, but also in the pan-Indian and global cinematic forum. Those people, whose contribution has been enormous, filmically speaking. Those who we cherish. You can't afford to miss this.<br><br><I>Performers: Aaheli Das - Abhisikta Sen - Ahana Mukherjee - Aishani Bandhopadhyay - Amrita Bagchi - Anindita Chakraborty - Anindya Ghosh - Annapurna Mittal - Anusha Bhagchi - Anushree Chanda - Aparna Mukherjee - Arundhati Banerjee - Arup Dutta - Aryaa Rawat - Audrija Sain - Avisha Ghosh Chowdhury - Ayan Chatterjee - Ayushi Bhadra - Ayushi Ghosh - Baisakhi Bhattacharya - Bidisha Guharoychowdhury - Biswarup Banerjee - Bonisha Maitra - Deb Ghosh - Debaleena Basu - Debalina Ghoshal - Debjani Roy Biswas - Debleena Ghosh - Dipak Maitra - Disha - Don Ganguly - Ishaan Banerjee - Jaya Bhakat - Jhumka Banerjee - Jiya Banerjee - Madhuwanti Bhattacharya - Malini Chatterjee - Manasi Bhattacharya - Manoj Chavan - Mihika Saha - Millie Roy - Monalisa Ray - Namrata Dey - Pallab Sen - Pranti Ghosh Das - Rijuta Dhere - Rinku Thakur - Risheek Puri - Rishika Ghosh - Rittrija Mandal - Romy Chakraborty - Rupa Das - Saesha Ray - Sahana Mukherjee - Sanjoy Bhattacharya - Sanvhi Bhattacharya - Saswati Dutta - Saumitra Chattopadhyay - Shaurjo Biswas - Shiuli Chakravorty - Shobhan Das - Shrabanti Paul Mandal - Shreshtha Goswami - Shrishti Mazumdar - Shriya Ray - Shubhra Chakraborty - Shyamal Roy - Sohini Roy - Soma Das - Somdatta Maitra - Soumi Roy - Sudeep Banerjee - Sujoy Roy - Sumanta Bhadra - Sutapa Dasgupta - Teenash Banerjee - Toshani Banerjee - Ujjal Banerjee - Upal Mandal - Vivek Rawat</I>

Sunday, October 10, 2021

2pm - 2:20pm
Variety Cultural Program
This short segment presents a good mix of programming, refreshing your Saturday afternoon memories. Song & Recitation by kids and adults are the recipe for this.<br><br>Performers, in the order of appearance, are: Neerajana Chakraborty - Moulina Chakraborty - Sumit Chakraborty - Anya Majumdar
2:20pm - 3:20pm
Antakshari Grand Finale
4 out of the 10 teams that participated in the prelim rounds (Sep 26, on Zoom), emerged as the finalists for the Antakshari Grand Finale session. These four teams will play Antakshari on Stage, live, in front of you. Experience the Clash of the Titans, as they say. Join the four brave teams [Amar Prem, Rangeela Re, Boshundhara, and Rhododendron] and let's play Antakshari. <br><br><I>Performers: Abhishek Mukherjee, Mohit Garodia - Debalina Ghosal, Soma Das - Aparoop Chakraborty, Sutapa Chakraborty - Sumit Chakraborty, Sourabh Bhattacharya Hosts: Manas Goswami, Pallab Sen</I>
3:20pm - 4:10pm
Bhalobashi Tai Gai Band
Presenting another Agomoni member based Bangla Band, Bhalobashi Tai Gai. In their own words, "Bhalobasi Tai Gai loves to explore any particular soundscape through a set of popular songs encompassing varying genres including Classical, Rabindrasangeet, Adhunik, Folk etc. We plan to experiment with various genres including retro Hindi classics, Bangla Swarnajuger Gaan and Bangla Band!". <br><br><I>Performers: Judhajit Chakraborty - Sanjib Saha - Subhanku Chatterjee - Surojit Pathak</I>
4:10pm - 4:45pm
Shaaj - The Fashion Show
After the grand success of 2018 and 2019, Sauravi Mazumdar is back with her Fashion Show - "Shaaj", with a bang ! This Women-led women-only breathtaking program will demonstrate a variety of dress materials and encompass the entire weaving industry of India, while the beautiful "models" of Agomoni mesmerize the stage with their stylish ramp walk.<br><br><I>Performers: Amrita Bagchi - Ananya Sarkar - Anindita Bhadra - Anindita Chakraborty - Anindita Mitra - Anna Mittal - Arundhati Bannerjee - Debarati Talapatra - Debjani De - Deboleena Ghoshal - Gita Dutta - Jaya Sikdar - Jhumka Bannerjee - Madhumita Chowdhury - Mausumi Biswas - Mishtuni Ghosh - Nabonita Dutta - Nikki Lahiri - Pragya Dasgupta - Pranti Ghosh Das - Rupa Das - Sahana Banerjee - Saswati Maitra - Shrabonti Mandal - Shubhra Bannerjee - Shuvra Ray - Soma Das - Tania Bhattacharya</I>
4:45pm - 5pm
Om Shanti Om
Traditionally, we say "Om Shanti Om" at the tail end of any big event. Pathikrit Dutta (Pat) and Mistuni Ghosh are planning to do the same with a "twist". All functional teams who made this Durga Puja event successful, who pulled this mammoth task together, will be celebrated & appreciated. Agomoni introduces the teams who have worked tirelessly to bring you these three days. 60+ dedicated Agomoni members spread across 10 teams, most of whom are usually never seen on stage, will now appear before you. But .... with a twist. <br><br><I>Performers: CPA Team - Cultural Team - Decoration Team - Facilities Team - Food Team - Fundraising Team - IT Team - Membership Team - PR Team - Pujo Team</I>
5pm - 6:30pm
Sindoor Daan
As much as it is a ritual, at Agomoni this is one of our USP. Of the three days, this part is usually the most lived moments at Agomoni. You might have been at Sindoor khela elsewhere, but if you haven't experienced this event at Agomoni - strongly consider it. To make it more classy, Prantik and team is about to come up with a unique way to kick it off. Be there sharp at 5 PM to experience it.<br><br><I>Performers: Mistuni Ghosh - Satarupa Chakrabarty - Pradosh Sarkar - Arindam Chakraborty - And all of us</I>


Oct 08 - 10 2021


All Day


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