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Nrityamela 2021


After the grand success of Nritya Mela 2018 and 2019, and a sad pause in 2020 because of the pandemic, it is our pleasure to invite you back to Nritya Mela 2021, an event organized by Agomoni, a non-profit organization, to promote Classical and Folk dances of India. This is one of the most prestigious Indian dance events in the Bay Area where various schools & groups are welcome to showcase their quality art form in a unique environment.

What is Nritya Mela

Nritya Mela is a platform where we invite all Dance schools or Groups of bay area to present their art including Indian Classical Dance forms (such as Bharat Natyam, Odissi, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Manipuri and so on), Semi-Classical forms and Indian Folk Dance forms (such as Bhangra, Chou, Bihu, Lavani and so on). Our vision is to present and promote these
dance forms and recognize the respected Gurus whole heartedly, who with their tireless efforts, continue to nurture interests within the community and pass on the originality of these forms to the next generations.
This is not a dance competition, although every participant will get a recognition for participation. There are no age restrictions for participation. Individual Dance School Gurus decide who participates. There is no particular theme we impose. It could be religious, based upon myths, stories, legends, epics or even contemporary or any other innovative ideas, as long as the form is either Indian Classical, Semi-Classical or Indian Folk.

When and Where

Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Venue: TBD

Note: Because of COVID conditions and the current hazardous air quality, Nritya Mela 2021, originally planned to happen on September 18, now stands postponed. You are welcome to sill fill out the form and indicate your preference. When we are able to organize the event again, entries that are already there will be given priority.


If your school or group is interested in participating in Agomoni Nritya Mela 2021, please register using the Google Form here. If the link doesn’t work, please point your browser to: https://forms.gle/BHhURnWBsch7U4bK6

Participation fees

In order to partially cover our costs, we are asking for a nominal $25 fee per participant per group slot and $40 for a solo slot. This includes two family viewing tickets as well. Additional family viewing tickets can be purchased ahead of time (with the participation fee) at $7.50 each. The same at the gate would be $10. Note that children 5 and under are admissible free of charge. Schools and Groups opting for more than one slot can have a maximum of 50% of their
participants repeat across the slots. For these repeating participants, we are asking for an additional $10 per participant.

Google Pay (preferred): [email protected], PayPal: [email protected] (** because of the service
charge levied by PayPal, please add $1 extra per participant), Checks: Payable to “Agomoni”

General inquiry email: [email protected], or call any of the following:
Pragya Dasgupta (510) 610-5006, Shuvra Ray (716) 903-8993, Kaberi Goswami (650) 245-4365, Manasi Bhattacharya (510) 455-0990, Sayantika Banerjee (650) 787-5668