Agomoni Durga Puja 2021 Cultural Programs Participation Request


Interested in participating in our Cultural Programs for Agomoni Durga Puja 2021? Please fill out the form below and let us know your area of interests.

Note: There are three signature programs this year, and this form will reference them below several times. The abbreviations used are: Opening Ceremony (OC), Closing Ceremony (CC) and Tasher Desh (TD).

Some points to note before you fill out:

1. A single participant cannot participate in more than 2 programs. Exception is only if you are participating in the three signature programs (OC/CC/TD) with on-stage presence. If you are already participating in two or all three of these signature programs, you cannot participate elsewhere. Please do not apply here. However, if you are participating in one of these three signature programs, you can choose to participate in one additional cultural program. Apply below in this form.

2. We have a slot duration limitation that is based upon the number of participants on stage. The general rule is:

  • 1 participant (solo) - 3 mins
  • 2 participants - 5 mins
  • group of 3-5 participants - 8 mins
  • group of 6-10 participants - 15 mins.
Depending on the number of applications and the total time duration we have, these slot durations might change, and if so, we will inform you at the earliest possible.

3. Time is limited. We cannot assure that everyone gets a slot. Agomoni members will be given priority. We expect everyone to become or renew Agomoni membership prior to the performance.

4. If you are applying as a solo performer, provide details in the first two sections only. If you are applying as a performance director (for group performances) please provide details in the first and third section only [you can skip the solo performance request section]. If you are performing in a group, your performance director should apply for that performance in the 'Group Performance Request' section, not you (unless you are the director).

5. Questions before filling out the form? Reach out to Sahana ([email protected]; 856-520-0567)or Meeta ([email protected]; 401-400-9545).