Agomoni Cultural program participation request Form

* Please fill out the details below about your interest in participating in Agomoni’s 2021 Rabindra-Nazrul Jayanti event on May 22, 2021.
* Last date for filling this form is 4/30/21.
* Since this is an online event, you will be required to send us pre-recorded video. The last date of turning in the video is May 17, 2021.
* All fields are mandatory unless mentioned otherwise.
* Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
* If you are a performer who is already working with a program director for a group performance, please do not fill out this form. Your program director will fill the form on behalf of his/her entire team. For any group performance under a program director, the director coordinates everything.

Performance details – song type, song name, dance type, instrument type etc.
(If not solo, the cultural team will place you with a performance director)
List full names of participating kids/adults if applying as performance director else mention participant’s full name
We will request all solos to be kept around 3-4 mins and positively not crossing 5 minutes (apart from established artists). Other guidelines: Group programs need more than 5 performers for up 5 to 10 minutes program and up to 10 members for 10-15 minute program. For more participants we will discuss with the teams as required. We will also request maximum 2 group performance per person. The Cultural Team is expecting to host multiple events such as this one in coming months. If we cannot accommodate all requests in this event due to overwhelming response to participate or due to some other technical challenges, we will accommodate them in our upcoming events.